Our Platform

To represent the voting constituents of this district and not special interest 

Women's issues

  • Create college grants for women  pursuing careers in the sciences, engineering and technology.   

  • Championing to protect women against job discrimination.   

  • Working to protect women’s reproductive rights, choosing the terms they choose to procreate, and supporting healthcare as a right, not a privilege.    

  • Eliminate racial injustices for women of color.

  • Support legislation to end domestic and sexual violence against women. 


  • Support free tuition Community College and State Universities

  • Forgive student loans for current teachers.

  • Support school involvement for civic engagement.  

  • Protect the Arts as an integral part of educational curriculum.

  • Enact legislation to pay teachers a living wage commensurate with their educational responsibilities. 

  • Engage in supporting low income schools with funding to promote replenishing retiring educators.

Clean Energy

  • Create legislation to incentivize business owners to convert to clean renewable energy.  

  • Reward home and business owners that utilize renewable energy.

  • Fund research for clean renewable energy alternatives to bring overall costs down.