On the issues


Affordable health care should be available to every American. I strongly oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and I will continue to fight tirelessly to ensure quality, affordable healthcare for every American. Quality healthcare is, and should continue to be, a basic right of all citizens, and not just a benefit for the wealthy. I strongly support "Medicare for All".

Public Education

Last year Arizona school districts spent approximately $3,300 less per pupil than the national average. Arizona ranked dead last in the nation for public school spending per student, as well as No. 49 for student-teacher ratio, No. 49 for median annual teacher salary, and ranked No. 48 in WalletHub’s school systems ranking. I vow to propose legislation which increases federal funding to address education quality, student-teacher ratio, and inadequate teachers’ salaries.

Parental Leave

Welcoming a new child into a family, whether by birth or adoption, is a special time for all parents. American families should be able to spend time together during the first week’s after a child’s arrival, without parents facing the threat of losing their jobs.

It matters.

Civil rights

I believe that all Americans deserve to have their civil rights protected by law, and I will work diligently to support legislation which protects the rights of all Americans regardless of ethnicity, social class, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Protect and Preserve

When I go to Washington on your behalf, I will fight against benefit reductions, and take actions to ensure that Social Security and Medicare benefits remain adequately funded for future generations.

Transgender Rights

I am committed to introducing federal legislation to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. 

I am committed to introducing federal legislation to protect our Transgender community against hate crimes. 

No one left behind.


Veterans’ services have improved in recent years, but we still have much work to do. I promise to honor our nation’s veterans, and support legislation aimed at preserving and enhancing the benefits of our nation’s veterans.

Recovering abusers of drugs and alcohol

Since 2010, over 3,600 Arizonans have died from an opioid overdose. In 2015, an average of two Arizonans per day lost their lives. Arizonans need mental health and addiction services to combat the current opiate crisis. Recovering addicts require services to help them maintain healthy, productive lives, and I vow to support and introduce such legislation.

Community College

I strongly support the provision of a free community college education for Arizonans who wish to continue their education. A state is only as strong as her citizens, and this will strengthen our community and help drive our economy forward by allowing more educated and career-minded individuals to enter our workforce.


I believe that decisions regarding family planning and a woman’s health are private matters, and should be decided by the family, the woman, and her doctor, not by men in Washington, D.C. I support a woman’s rights to make decisions about her body, as well as sensible abortion policy, and I plan to fight against the de-funding of Planned Parenthood.

Gun Control

I support our 2nd Amendment, and I believe Americans should continue to have the right to bear arms. As your representative, I will investigate options, and work to ensure that those rights are tempered with laws which strengthen screening and background checks for gun purchasers.

Climate Change

We need to take significant and immediate legislative action to protect our planet. We must invest in clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and beyond. Our future generations deserve a beautiful tomorrow.