My Commitment

My name is Brianna Westbrook

My goal is to be your House of Representative voice in the United States 8th Congressional District.

I am a 32-year-old transgender woman living in Peoria, Arizona.

I am currently a sales manager in the automotive industry.

I have worked and lived in District 8 for the last 11 years.

I’ve committed myself to run for office because I feel a calling within me to be the voice of the people of our district. I'm sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines hoping for a candidate that will stand up for the issues that matter. So I've decided to run to take care of the issues myself for the people of my community, state, and country.

I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life to succeed, and I’d like to bring my track record of success to the United States House of Representatives. Overcoming difficult challenges is nothing new to me.

I was raised in poverty in a family riddled with substance and drug abuse. Growing up was a daily struggle. Despite the challenges of my childhood, I stayed focused throughout my teenage years and graduated from high school. I then started working full time to help support my rapidly growing family.

At age twenty-seven, I came out as transgender to my family, friends, and co-workers. When I started my transition, I documented it from start to finish on YouTube to give hope to men and women of all ages to show them that change is possible as long as you believe in yourself. At the beginning of my transition, my outward appearance wasn’t as feminine as I felt on the inside. 

However, I never let that hold me back from pursuing my goals. Now that I have a successful sales career in a male-dominated work environment and I've become the woman that I am. I’m ready for my next challenge – to become a congresswoman for Arizona’s eighth district. I know that I will have to work harder than ever before to represent our community faithfully, but I welcome the opportunity. I will tackle challenging issues with the same persistence, thoughtfulness, and motivation that I have shown throughout my life.

Join me, and together we will build a future of which to be proud!

Brianna Westbrook