Candidates with a contract

CWAC is a non-partisan political reform program focused on ending corruption in politics. The program was started by Citizen's Coalition for Democratization. I have signed their contract and pledge to do my part to remove the corruption in Washington. That includes introducing legislation overturning Citizens United, anti-corruption campaign finance reform, implementing ten-year employment bans for firms hiring lobbyists, and ending partisan gerrymandering of district borders.

 If you would like to know more about CWAC and my contract please click here.

Mr. Stan Arterberry, Emeritus

Stan Arterberry is a retired Chancellor for the West Valley-Mission Community College District.  Currently, Mr. Arterberry serves as a Leadership Coach for the national community college program "Achieve the Dream" through the University of Texas.   As a professional educator, it is an honor to receive his endorsement for my candidacy for House of Representatives in Arizona's 8th District.